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Life in CHINA

Moving to another country is a great endeavour and can be both exciting and scary. We had so many questions when we made the move and we know that you have them as well. Please chose the topic below to go to read more information about each topic. 

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A housing allowance is provided by schools in China, which allows teachers to rent their own apartment.



Korea has many incredible food options and over the years, access to Western food and restaurants has grown.



Most teachers in China feel satisfied with their monthly salary and live comfortably, while still being able to send money home each month.

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Transportation rates very highly in Korea and the country is intricately connected, making it easy to explore both your city and the country.



Ask any teacher who has been or is in Korea and they will tell you how much fun is to be had! There is no shortage of Korean and Western entertainment options, as well as a plethora of festivals.



Shopping options in Korea have improved over the years and the days of not being able to buy western toothpaste and snacks may be long gone. 

Nurse Making Notes


Teachers in Korea receive health insurance, which is covered 50/50 by the teacher and the school.



Whether you're a hiking enthusiast or a gym junkie, Korea has many options for staying fit year-round.

Church Pews


Religion is an important part of life for many Koreans and worship places can be found in both Korean and English in most large cities.

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