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Z Visa

So you've signed a contract with a school in China and you're ready for the next step!

In order to work legally in China, ESL teachers need to obtain a Z visa with the help of their school or placement company. Getting the necessary documents ready for your visa application can be frustrating at time, but our Visa Team will be with you each step of the way, to make the process as quick and painless as possible. We have broken the steps down for you, so you can focus on each stage as it happens, rather than take it all in at once.

Once your visa is complete, you'll be able to focus on the really hard part - packing!

Step 1

Sending documents

All necessary visa documents need to be scanned and emailed to your placement company. An application will be lodged for your work permit.

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Step 2

Applying for Visa

Once your work permit is issued, you will apply for the visa at the nearest Chinese consulate, in person or by mail. With the visa in your passport, you'll be able to fly to China.

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Step 3

Residence Permit

When you arrive in China, you will complete a medical exam  and once the results are ready, you'll apply for your residence permit.

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Choose your country to access the full visa guide

The process to obtain your visa documents will vary in duration and difficulty, depending on your country of origin. We've broken down our instructions by nationality, to simplify this process. 

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