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What Makes Your City Great?

When many of our applicants first come to us, seeking a job in Korea or in China, they have a very limited knowledge of the types of cities that might be available to them. Many gravitate to the capitals, as these tend to be the cities they have hear about the most, while fearing lesser known location. The truth is that in Korea at least, over 80% of our teachers teach in cities other than Seoul or Busan and most are in medium sized cities. We call these cities The Big 3: Gwangju, Daegu, and Daejeon. We'd love to hear as much as possible about your current or past city in Korea or in China. Why should or shouldn't someone consider teaching there? 

We have designed the "My City Project" with the hope that we can confidently suggest different types of locations to our applicants and answer some of their questions or concerns, as well as educate and inform. Help others with this very important decision in their ESL job hunt.

Work with a friend or group of friends and make this a collaborated effort! You are the experts and everyone's experience is different, so please feel free to approach this in your own unique way.

Possible Topics

  • Where to shop?

  • Where to go for a night out?

  • Western food & entertainment options

  • What outdoor/indoor activities are available (hiking, biking, rock climbing, sports teams, gyms...)

  • What is the expat community like? 

  • Is it easy to meet people?

  • What is the dating scene like?

  • How easy is it to travel within and outside your city?

  • Do you have access to language lessons?

  • What live music and arts culture is available?

  • What cultural events and festivals are available?

  • How safe is your city?

  • How is the air quality?

  • How is the cost of living?

  • What clubs/organizations are available for expats?

  • And many more!


In the month of November, everyone who submits an entry to the "My City Project", will be entered into a contest and could win a return flight from Seoul to Hong Kong or Hong Kong to Seoul. You'll also be entered into a Bonus Draw for $50.


We have created an easy to follow form for you to fill in. Simply enter the information, submit and you're done! It could not be easier!

My City Project Form

Other ideas

Are you creative? If you would prefer to submit a video our photo story about your city, that would be fantastic!

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