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There are many different entertainment options in Korea. Some of them will be familiar, but many will be new and exciting to try. One thing is for sure, when the weekend comes, there will be lots to choose from to keep you busy. 

Korea offers some fun festivals, that will hopefully encourage you to travel outside your city and explore other areas of the country.

Oh, and Bang means Room in Korean!

Movie Theatres: There are many movie theatres, playing both Korean and English movies

DVD Bangs: These are private rooms you can rent to watch Korean movies with subtitles. You will be brought drinks and snacks for a small fee. Not to give anyone the false idea, but these are notorious for being used by young people to make out!

PC Bangs: These are computer rooms where you can rent a high speed computer to play War Craft until you drop. or to send I miss you emails to your mom.

Norae Bang: These are the famous Karaoke rooms which you can rent with a group of friends. They range in quality but always offer loads of fun. It is generally a late night stop for a group of rowdy foreigners, but be aware of the one friend who will always hog the mic. 

Clubs: There are many clubs that offer dancing and drinking. Hip hop and Dance clubs are very popular and offer exclusive memberships. There are frequent special events and DJ club nights. The clubs are open as late as 7 a.m. and sometimes later.

Soju Rooms: Soju is very cheap ($2 for 360ml) and delicious when mixed with fruit juices. This is simply called Fruit Soju. It will also make you believe that you are the best dancer and Karaoke singer. 

The infamous Foreign Bar(s): Yes, they are always there and often draw in the foreign crowds like magnets. These places will make you feel like you are back at home with your friends. The Speakeasy in Gwangju offers events such as Live Music Night, Trivia Night, Movie Night and of course just your average night of fun and laughs.

Jimjil Bang: Also known as Korean Saunas. They are great places to relax, watch a movie, and have a bite to eat or play billiards. They are divided into two sections. The first section consists of a number of hot and cold rooms where you can sit or lie on stones or salt crystals. This section will be the family section. The second section will be divided and women and men will be separate. This is where you can bathe naked in aromatic waters.

Hiking: Hiking is the national pastime and there will be many options within a short walk or taxi ride. Remember: Korea is famous for its mountains.

Going to the ocean: There are many great beaches in Korea and they will be very accessible by bus. There are Minboks (Korean style hotels) on or near the beach, and often camping options. You can meet your friends or set out alone for adventure.

Hosted trips around the provinces: Organizations like the GIC in Gwangju offers monthly getaways for foreigners to places of interest around the provinces. These will be fully arranged by the GIC and all you will need to bring is yourself.

Dining out:  The choices are endless and you can always make dining out a fun adventure. Remember: Korean food is very cheap compared to the Western Options. 


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