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Applicants who don't have prior teaching experience or a teaching certificate, may need to become TEFL certified to qualify for teaching positions in South Korea and China. 

There are two ways of getting TEFL certified: Online or In-Class. Almost all schools in South Korea and China will accept and accredited online course when required. Some online courses also include an in-class component, which is a great way to practice what you've learned.

Our team has compiled a list of our favourite TEFL companies, offering both online and in-class course options. We've either taken the course ourselves or it has been recommended by our teachers. You can rest assured that all courses are accredited and accepted by schools in South Korea in China.

We recommend a course of a minimum of 120 Hours, as this will meet requirements for most online and public school options.


Ninja Teacher Academy

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Ninja Teacher Academy was founded in 2013 by Alex Stevenson, a former English teacher who moved abroad to seek new opportunities. Teach ESL Korea connected with Alex early on in his journey, and we've watched him grow as an entreprenour over the years. 


Nina Academy offers online courses as well as in-person certification in beautiful Vietnam. The 120 Hour course is fully accredited and can be completed in approximately a month. Teach ESL Korea applicants will automatically qualify for a 10% discount with coupon code TEACHESLKOREA.

Bridge TEFL

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Bridge TEFL offers an excellent learning platform, which makes it easy and enjoyable to run through the required modules. You can always work at your own pace and your assignments will be graded within 24 hours, so you can continue on with the course. 

Teach ESL Korea has partnered with Bridge for many years and one of our Teacher Representatives has completed the 120 Hour course.

Regular discounts are offered through the link below.



The International TEFL Academy was founded in 2010 and certifies over 6,000 teachers every year, both in person at over 25 locations around the world and online. We learned of the program after hearing great things from our teachers, who always seemed incredibly well prepared for their ESL teaching journey. We were so intrigued, that we decided to partner with them.


The ITA program is the #1 rated choice on GoAbroad and is a great investment for any new graduate. 

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