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China Public Schools


Public positions are reliable and overseen by large agencies, who have been approved by the government. Public schools are a great option for both new and veteran teachers, due to the light schedule and excellent vacation time.

To qualify, applicants must hold a passport and a Bachelor degree (in any discipline) from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, or South Africa. 

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A Bachelor Degree in any discipline and a 120 Hour TEFL are required.


Public school teachers teach a maximum of 18-20 (45 minute) classes per week, though most teachers average 12-16 classes

Vacation time/12 month contract

3+ months of vacation (includes national holidays)

Vacation is either fully paid, partially paid or unpaid.

General benefits

Low teaching hours and generous vacation time

Reliable government schools

Weekday schedule, free evenings & weekends

Potential concerns

Slightly lower base salary

Unpaid or partially unpaid periods in the contract


$1500 - 1950 USD per month

Contract completion bonus

$750 - 1200 USD

Hours at school per week

30-35 hour per week

daily schedule

Monday to Friday, 8:30 am - 12:00 pm & 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm, 2 hour lunch break (with often free meals provided by school)

lesson planning

Teachers create lessons, with guidance


Either free housing on campus, free shared housing, or a housing allowance of $450 USD


One way flight to China (reimbursed) or flight allowance

Visa Expense support

Usually not provided

Medical check on arrival

Paid by teacher

Number of Students/class

Usually around 25 to 40 student per class

Start Dates

Usually around 25 to 40 student per class

Medical Insurance

Free (with social insurance)

Housing deposit

2 months rent if you receive allowance

Policy for unmarried couples

Public schools are very open to hiring couples

Partners may work at 2 schools in the same district

Shared apartment 


Public school teacher


Leanne .jpg

I work at a public school and teach 18 classes per week, but don't
have office hours. I prepare my own lessons for two grade.

I have one foreign colleague and we both love our classes and our school. Our students are high-level, so we are able to speak quite a bit with them during lessons, and after.

Courtney G.

Public school teacher


Angel Face

I work in a public primary school teaching 4th, 5th and 6th grade.   I teach 10 classes of 40 minutes every week, plus an extra after school English Corner once a week. I have a total of 20 different classes of 50+ students who I see every other week. 

Nicole V.

Public school teacher



The school itself is great! Being a teacher for the first time ever has definitely had some obstacles I needed over come, however everyone at the school is really great and my contact teacher is excellent. I do need to stay at school for office hours, which are 8-5 with 12-2:30 for a lunch/nap. I have 13 classes a week at 40 minutes a class.

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