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Updated: New E2 Visa Requirements during COVID-19

Due to Covid-19, Korean consulates around the world are updating their E2 visa application requirements. Among them are new required documents, longer processing times, and reduced hours.

Korean consulates can differ in their requirements and processing times at any given time, so it is always important to contact your local consulate before submitting your application in person or by mail/courier.

There are several new documents that are being requested right now:

1. Health Condition Report Form - This form must be filled in by all visa applicants, not just E2 applicants. Applicants over 40 years old will also be required to have an interview with a consul.

2. Consent to Quarantine - The form must be signed as a declaration to self-quarantine in your own accommodations (apartment provided by school) or at a government facility at the applicants own expense of 100,000 KRW/day (1,400,000 KRW Total)

3. Medical Certificate - Must be issued within 48 hours of the application submission by a physician and state that the applicant has no fever, cough or other respiratory symptoms.

4. Tuberculosis Medical Certificate (South African Applicants) - All applicants must submit this form as of April 1st, 2020. A list of hospitals is provided by the consulate.

* All visa applications will take a minimum 14 days to process due to tightened security measures and consulates are advising to expect delays.

* The Korean Consulate in Pretoria is closed at least until the end of April, while the country is under lockdown.

* The Korean Consulate in New York is closed until further notice. You may contact them by phone or email for updates.

We will continue to post new information as we learn about it. You can download the required forms on your consulate's website page after verifying requirements with them. If you have any additional questions, you can email us at

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