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Language Centres-

Kids & Teens or adults

Language Centres are privately run schools overseen by large organizations. They are run like businesses and have older students, including teens and adults. Language centres are great for anyone who wants to teach older students and wants to be in a professional team environment. 

curiosity, information, knowledge, educa


A Bachelor Degree in any discipline and a 120 Hour TEFL are required.


Language centre teachers teach around 20-25 (45-55 min.) classes per week

Vacation time/12 month contract

2-3 weeks, plus national holidays

Vacation is either fully paid

General benefits

Professional environment

Good salary and reliable companies

Motivated, older students and small class sizes

Potential concerns

Work both Saturday and Sunday


$1500-$2250 USD per month

Contract completion bonus

$750-$2250 USD

Hours at school per week

30-35 hours per week

daily schedule

Mix of 9:00-5:00 & 1:00-9:00, 3 weekdays + Sat. & Sun, 1 hour lunch break

lesson planning

Teach from a textbook, with some lesson preparation, teachers are facilitators


Housing allowance of $450 USD,

assistance with apartment search


Flight policy varies by school/company

Visa Expense support

Varies by school

Medical check on arrival

Paid by school

Number of Students/class

Usually around 1-12 student per class

Start Dates

Year round

Medical Insurance

Free (with social insurance)

Housing deposit

2 months rent

Policy for unmarried couples

Couples are welcome and can usually work at the same school

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