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Korea jobs

There are 2 main types of jobs available to new and experienced teachers in Korea. They are public and private school jobs.


  • Hire to coincide with start of semesters, but some positions open up year round. 

  • Age group is elementary to middle school.

  • Teach 35 hours/week + office hours

  • Monday - Friday schedule, some weekends & special events

  • 10 days paid vacation + national holidays

  • Salary starts at 2,000,000 KRW and can go up slightly with experience

  • All teaching materials, including textbooks are provided.

  • 1-6 foreign teachers per school, depending on school size

  • Year-ed severance bonus, equal to 1 month salary

  • Health Insurance provided

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  •  EPIK now includes all public school jobs in Korea. The demand is high and positions are filled on a 1st-come-1st-served basis. 

  • Applications should be submitted 4-5 months in advance

  • Intakes are for March 1st & September 1st

  • One Native English Teacher per school, but you will teach with a Korean co-teacher

  • Create your own lesson plans

  • Salary starts at 2,000,000 KRW and is determined on a scale.

  • Schedule includes 22 - 45 minute classes per week, plus office hours.

  • 18 days of paid vacation days, plus national holidays


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