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If healthcare is a concern of yours, you should not be worried. In Korea, clinics and hospitals are widely available and easily accessible. It is relatively inexpensive for those of us coming from countries without universal healthcare and Medical Vacations are very common. The cost of a procedure is radically lower in Korea and other Asian countries and the quality of care is very good.

When you sign a contract with a school, you will note that Healthcare is included as well. In most cases, the school will pay 50% of your medical insurance and you will be responsible for the other half. This will be deducted from your pay each month and be shown on your pay stub.

The company concerned with Healthcare in Korea is called: The National Health Insurance Corporation (NHIC). To read more about the coverage you will receive please visit the NHIC website.


One thing you might note when arriving in Korea, is that clinics and medical buildings are always referred to as Hospital. If you hear a Korean friend talk about being sick, they will always mention going to the Hospital. Hospitals are marked by a cross and should be easily recognizable. Small clinics are everywhere; however in most cases the staff has limited English language skills. It is a good idea to have a Korean friend come along with you to translate. If this is not possible, the staff will try their best to help you anyway.

If you dont feel comfortable at a small clinic, you might want to visit a University Hospital in your area. There will always be someone available to help you in English and often a special Foreign Clinic will be set up. Service is excellent and fast and you can be assured that everything will be done to send you home with a cure.

In some cities, there will be stand alone Health Care Centers for foreigners. These will specialize in different areas and offer services ranging from Family Medicine to Weight Loss and Acupressure.


Pharmacies are as widely available as Hospitals and can be found easily. There is usually one near any small clinic and always in a University Hospital.

There is a good chance that the pharmacist will speak some English to advise you of the instructions on your prescription. It is a good idea to find one near your apartment who speaks good English and keep going there in the future.

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