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Schools in China and in Korea always look for the best applicants, though you may find that there are different types of positions available in China. In Korea, almost all teachers will be teaching at either a public or private schools, while in China, there are opportunities to teach special subjects, positions at international schools and administrative school positions. 

Experienced Teachers -


  • Both public and private schools in Korea will hire experienced teachers at a slightly higher salary

  • Public schools have a set pay scale based on qualifications or experience. Teachers who have a Bachelor of Education or prior teaching experience, will score higher and qualify for a salary increase. Teachers who re-sign their contracts also qualify for a bonus, which encourages them to stay on longer and makes these positions highly sought after.

  • Private schools will sometimes prefer new teachers, so they don't have to offer a higher salary. They will raise the salary for experienced teachers, if they are looking for something specific.

  • Teachers in Korea are not allowed to teach subjects other than ESL, so if you're looking for teaching experienced in another subject, you will not find it here.

  • Experienced teachers can sometimes take on roles of "Head Teacher" and be involved in hiring decisions and training.

  • Sadly, experienced teachers in Korea are often undervalued by private schools and often new teachers will be preferred due to being able to offer them a lower salary. 

Experienced Teachers - China

  • Chinese schools will base their salary offer on experience, and resume quality. If you have prior teaching experience, even if you don't have a B.Ed, you can qualify for a higher salary. Offers are also based on demo lesson performance, so if you're a natural you can expect to receive a good offer. Experience is highly valued in Korea and teachers are compensated accordingly.

  • China offers many specialized job options, such as specific subject jobs, International school teaching jobs, principal and vice principal jobs, and adult education instructor jobs. 

  • There is lots of opportunity to move up within a company or school and you can be involved in education on many different levels.

  • The process of getting to China and the costs involved can sometimes be overwhelming, even to experienced teachers. Most schools require the teacher to find their own apartment and pay the initial deposit. Some schools offer shared housing accommodations or may be able to offer a small loan.

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