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International Schools & Subject teachers

Language Centres are privately run schools overseen by large organizations. They are run like businesses and have older students, including teens and adults. Language centres are great for anyone who wants to teach older students and wants to be in a professional team environment. 

curiosity, information, knowledge, educa


Bachelor of Education, Bachelor Degree in specific subject, + 120 Hour TEFL are required


International School teachers teach around 20 (45-60 min.) classes per week

Vacation time/12 month contract

3+ months vacation (includes national holidays)

Vacation is a mix of full and partially paid

General benefits

Rewarding job, teaching a specific subject or skill.

Above average pay and vacation time

Professional Education Development

Homeroom teachers - International Schools

Potential concerns

Strict qualification requirements

High expectations on teaching quality


$2250-$3700 USD per month

Contract completion bonus

$1500-$3000 USD

Hours at school per week

30-35 office hours per week

*potential for no office hours

daily schedule

Monday-Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm office hours,

1 to 2 hour lunch break daily

lesson planning

Curriculum provided

Teacher creates lessons


Housing allowance of $300 - $750 USD


Generous flight allowance

Visa Expense support

Varies by school

Medical check on arrival

Paid by school

Number of Students/class

Usually 15-30 student per class

Start Dates

Mainly March 1st & Sept. 1st

Medical Insurance

Free (with social insurance)

Housing deposit

2 months rent

Policy for unmarried couples

Couples are welcome and can usually work at the same school

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