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new teachers

Schools in Korea and in China are open to hiring applicants with no prior teaching experience. 

New Teachers - Korea

  • Both public and private schools in Korea will hire new graduates with little or no experience.

  • Public schools have a set pay scale based on qualifications or experience. New teachers could make more on the pay scale if they have a Bachelor of Education, for example. Public school teachers with no prior teaching experience, need to take a 100 Hour (online) TEFL course in order to qualify.

  • Private schools will sometimes prefer new teachers, so they don't have to offer a higher salary. They will raise the salary for experienced teachers, if they are looking for something specific.

  • Teachers in Korea are not allowed to teach subjects other than ESL, so if you're looking for teaching experienced in another subject, you will not find it here.

  • Settling into Korea is easy for new teachers, as everything is provided on arrival, including a furnished apartment. You will be reimbursed for your flight to Korea within 30 days of arrival.

  • Public schools provide an orientation and training for all incoming teachers.

New Teachers - China

  • Both public and private schools in China will hire new graduates with little or no experience. New graduates who don't have prior experience, will be required to take a 120 Hour TEFL course prior to receiving a work permit.

  • Chinese schools will base their salary offer on experience, and resume quality. If you have prior teaching experience, even if you don't have a B.Ed, you can qualify for a higher salary. Offers are also based on demo lesson performance, so if you're a natural you can expect to receive a good offer.

  • The process of getting to China and the costs involved can sometimes be overwhelming to new teachers. Most schools require the teacher to find their own apartment and pay the initial deposit. Some schools offer shared housing accommodations or may be able to offer a small loan. 

  • Visa Handlers from the contracted agency or school offer full hands on assistance during the visa process and meet teachers at the airport. The support from co-teachers and the agency is often very good.

  • Many public schools offer free Mandarin lessons and cultural programs for teachers

Don't have a TEFL?

A TEFL course can not only help you secure a position in Korea or China, but it will also prepare you for the classroom if you have never taught before. A well-designed course can be a great confidence booster for first time teachers and help them get familiar with lesson planning, grammar and how to approach problems that come up in the classroom.  We have selected some well reviewed and competitively priced TEFL course options to help you get started. 

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