Daegu Metropolitan City


All of the information here was provided to us by teachers who live here.

is the 3rd largest city in South Korea and is peacefully nestled into a basin of mountains. Daegu has everything you would expect from a city with a population of over 3 million, yet step across the highway, and you are in the mountains and away from it all.

It is famous for fashion, apples, hiking, baseball games, and is the warmest city in South Korea.

There is also a river that cuts through the city, and along it are free exercising stations, bike paths, basketball courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, and easy access to many stores and shops.



Daegu is in the center of the country.  This makes Daegu a prime location for easy travel around the country, whether it is by inter-city bus, train, or high speed KTX train.


How Our Teachers Rate the City

8 out 10


Grocers in Daegu

Most areas have their own local street markets as well as larger chain stores that are not unlike the supermarkets you would find in your home country. Daegu also has a Costco which is very popular amongst the foreigners and a membership will cost you around 35,000 won.


Daegu is home to a number of department stores offering a variety of high-end and imported brands.  It is considered one of the fashion centers of Korea.

There are two electronics markets, a traditional herb medicine market, clothes markets, numerous music stores and bookstores that sell English titles. If you want it you can get it in Daegu.









Besides the obvious Korean restaurants, there are also Italian, Mexican, Indian, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese restaurants.  For Western options there are plenty that you’ll recognize: Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonald’s, Baskin Robins, Starbucks, etc.

Vegetarians: the shabu shabu restaurant near Beomeo Station is all you can eat and vegetarian friendly.

The Pub Scene

There are a number of local foreigner hang-outs that offer live music and open mic nights.

Commune Lonely Hearts Club – Otherwise known as Communes is situated in a small basement with an intimate atmosphere and live music.

Club That – A popular club with regular events, live bands and DJs. Below Club That you will find Hami Mami’s restaurant which serves western cuisine including fish’n’chips, burgers and an all day western style breakfast.

WA Bar – Western Ice Bar is a chain of bars which can be found at various locations around Daegu and sell a selection western food and international beers.

In My Memory – IMM is located in the area of Siji, which is away from the downtown area, but has a high foreign population due to the concentration of Hogwans in the area. IMM hosts open mic and quiz nights once a month, as well as other organized gatherings.

A few other foreigner hang-outs:

Sugar Joes
Buy The Book
Thursday Party


Cultural Gems Only the Locals Knows

Chilseong Market is a great place to get good food, and to see some interesting shops.

Near Kyobo book store is a shopping area where a lot of the young people hang out.

Kyungpook University has awesome events and fairs, along with many outdoor courts for baseball, soccer, basketball, and even swimming. The nightlife near Kyungpook’s North Gate is a fun place to be when you don’t feel like going downtown.


Public Transportation Overview

The city has a very cheap metro line that is always on time, as well as cheap city buses. 

There are also train and bus stations that provide service to other cities, as well as an airport for domestic flights.  Seoul is about two hours away and Busan about 45 minutes.


Cost of Living and Saving Money

The cost of living is cheaper than in the USA and other English-speaking countries.  Things just cost less.

A lot of money also saved because of the necessities from home that aren’t necessary in Korea.  There are no car payments or insurance.  Americans will drop their mouths then they see how cheap the health care is.  Your rent is paid for.

Most people have no trouble paying off debt and student loans.


Daegu Tourist information Center

The Daegu Tourist Information Center provides resources for foreigners living in Daegu. However, apart from the maps, which are also found in other locations, and the medioca souvenir shop, the Daegu Tourist Information Center has little to offer.



There are a number of famous temples and cultural sites, and World Heritage sites accessible from Daegu. These include Heainsa, Gatbawi, and Dongwasa Temple.

The Daegu City Tour operates from the central train station and offers six courses visiting local attractions. There is also the Daegu Vicinity tour which provides four day-trips to tourist attractions in neighboring city including Gyeongju “The museum without walls” and capital of the ancient Silla Kingdom.



A few examples include the cherry blossom festival, Buddha’s birthday, a festival to ask Buddha for good luck on Mt. Palgongsan, and an Azalea blooming festival on Mt. Biseulsan.


Local Universities

There are 15 universities and colleges in Daegu.  That means the entertainment to match this young population.


Korean lessons

Located downtown, the YMCA hosts the Korean Language School of Daegu. It offers a variety of courses including Entry, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

For more information contact:
Koo EJ, Social Education Team 053-255-0218 ymcatg@naver.com
Website: http://www.tgymca.or.kr


Daegu is literally surrounded by mountains and is a dream for hikers.

Palgongsan, Biseulsan and Gayasan are the big three and each has its own appeal including temples, fortresses and cultural monuments.


Mountain Biking

If biking is more your thing, biking in Korea will offer you information on the best trails in the region.

The YMCA also repairs and rebuilds bikes. You can pick up a perfectly restored bike (new seat, brakes, you name it!) for between 40,000 and 50,000 won!


World Cup Stadium

Daegu is home to one of the World Cup soccer stadiums, where South Korea hosted the World Cup in 2002.  It is also the home ground of the K-League soccer club Daegu FC, where matches are held every few weeks.



If you are interested in taking Taekwondo lessons you will not have any trouble finding an academy. Other martial arts offered include Hapkido, Judo, Kung-fu and Jujitsu.



Daegu offers numerous recreational opportunities including paintball, rock-climbing, white-water rafting, water skiing and Salsa dancing.


To view some amazing pictures from Daegu visit:





Facebook Groups

Daegu Friendship Club
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Daegu Theater Troupe
Salsa for Foreigners in Daegu
Deagu Board and Card Game Club
Daegu Writing Workshop
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Current Teachers’ emails

We have an amazing group of teachers in Daegu we’d be happy to connect you with.


Link to Daegu City’s official website



Useful Websites

The most comprehensive information you will find anywhere on Daegu.

Another good resource:


Teacher Testimonial About Daegu

My year here has been nothing short of incredible.  Unfortunately, my time in Korea is quickly coming to an end.  My school has offered me a contract to stay another year, and as much as I would love to accept, I need to head back to the States to take care of some things.  Before I head back, I am going to do some traveling in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam) for a bit.  Right now, my tentative plans are to try to get another teaching position with a contract date starting around August/September.  Unfortunately, I know this is not the ideal situation, with the job market becoming saturated.

My school has been amazing. All the Korean teachers and staff were so welcoming when I first arrived and have been unbelievably helpful throughout my time here. All of the teachers will go out of their way to help us foreigners, which made the transition here a breeze.  They have done everything from helping us book airline tickets for vacation and signing up for running races through Korean websites,  to bringing us homemade makolei and kimchi.  

Additionally, the location is incredible.  In our 'neighborhood' we are a 3 minute walk from a lake, a river and a mountain.  The particular area, Suseonggu, is a very wealthy part of Daegu, where a lot of doctors and businessmen live; because of that, the apartments our school provides for us are MUCH larger than typical apartments in Korea. All 5 foreign teachers (myself included) each have at least a two bedroom apartment. Every friend that I have had in my apartment has commented on the how big my place is compared to their apartment.    Although apartment size was not important to me, it may be a huge factor for future teachers in their decision.  I truly could go on and on with the wonderful attributes and positive aspects about Bono and its location. 

Daegu in itself has been an excellent city.  Not only does it offer a lot within the city limits, but it's location is great for a jumping off point to explore all of Korea.  I honestly believe it is the perfect city in which 'big city people' and those who prefer a 'rural' area can each find Daegu satisfying all their wants and needs.  

I would highly recommend this school (and Daegu) to all future and prospective teachers.  I hope that you are still working with them in placing people here. 

On the other side, I have talked to my new director (the director I had originally interviewed with left in August and we have a new lady now) and recommended to her that she continue to work with Teach ESL Korea.  

Please feel free to use me as a contact for any future teachers coming to Daegu.  Although I've only been a short while, I feel I can help answer a lot of questions about the area.  

Thank you again for all your hard work and dedication to helping myself, as well as others,  in getting placed here in Korea for a  truly remarkable experience.  For any of my friends back home who have expressed any interest in teaching abroad, I highly recommended Teach ESL Korea to them.


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