FAQs - Getting to Korea

How do I book my flight?
For 90% of our schools, we will be booking your flight for you, and paying for it in advance. We believe this really helps our teachers feel comfortable during this process.
Who will pick me up at the airport?
Someone from your school should meet you at the bus terminal in your city, or the airport.
Do I fly directly into the city I will be working in?
Incheon International Airport (1hour bus ride from Seoul) is the main international airport for Korea and it is where most schools will fly you to. From there, if you live within an hr or so of Incheon, someone will meet you at the airport. If youre going to a medium sized city away from Seoul, you will simply take a bus from the Airport, to your city. Someone from your school will meet you there.
What should I bring for clothes?

I suggest that you bring some professional looking clothes with you. Even if your teaching has a relaxed dressed code, they will appreciate it if you dress well. There will also be various first meetings during your stay that youll want to look good at. Also, if you are average size or larger by most western standards, be aware that finding clothes here may be challenging, but not impossible.

Women, I suggest bringing a few extra bras because while available here in small sizes, apparently, they do not fit the same as what you are used to.

What should I bring that I cant get in Korea?
Deodorant is now becoming more readily available, but I still suggesting bringing extra. Tampons are also now available at some places, but you may want to stock up. Your favorite foods such as Kraft Dinner, or powdered sauces. Also, bring a sufficient supply of your preferred brand of condoms.
What do I have to do to apply?

Just click here and follow the instructions

We suggest applying if youre pretty serious about considering Korea. You will then be taken care of personally by one of our 3 Teacher Reps: Shawna, Michelle or Dan. They will help answer your questions, prepare your documents, while helping you find the exact job which is best for you.

Does applying guarantee acceptance?
Even though there is a huge demand for teachers in Korea, you may not get the 1st job you apply for. If you have all of the basic requirements, and are committed to being an energetic teacher, Im confident you will find a job in Korea.
What scams should I be aware of?

I think the most common is recruiters who advertise jobs that are not realistic, and then try and pressure you into a less attractive offer. Even worse, is when they convince you to send all of your important documents to them, and then the job disappears.

Take your time. Email with a current teacher at your possible school. If it seems to good to be true, be careful.

I know there are endless posts from people who have not been treated fairly by their school. That is really unfortunate, since the vast majority of schools are very reliable. I have had more than 20 teachers leave Korea with little to no notice (and little or no reason), which can cripple a school. On the contrary, I have only needed to become involved in a select few disagreements between teachers and school, where I thought the school was more than 50% wrong.

What happens after I get accepted?

Once you accept a detailed contract, your Teacher Rep will introduce you to our E2 Visa Guru Aggie. She will walk you through every step of the important E2 visa process.

More info: E2 visa process
If I have a master's degree (along with my B.A.), should I send it along with my E2 documents?
We suggest you just use your BA/Bsc for sending to Korea, along with the corresponding transcripts. If it is a public school job, you will also need to send your Masters degree and transcript, since you are paid on a government regulated pay scale, and you need to prove your position.
How would a B. Ed affect pay? (no teaching experience)
It will help you secure a more desirable job, even though I normally find it doesnt increase the teachers salary as much as they might hope. There are many good applicants wanting these jobs in Korea. Also keep in mind you are teaching relatively low level English, so schools often lean toward the less expensive, equally energetic teacher.
Do I need to find a place to live before I get there or will my school arrange it?
The school will arrange your accommodations. It will likely be a private studio apartment, moderately furnished, within short walking distance to your school.

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